Fire Safety Management Practices and Procedures

All ignition sources including spark – producing equipment, electrical motors and heating equipment should be handled with care and kept safely to avoid contact with flammable materials. Fire exit doors must not be blocked or locked to prevent exit in case of fire.

In case of fire, the following are fire hazard response procedures:

  • Switch on the nearest fire alarm and call the University Security and the County Fire Department (Number 0702808900/0710440434/0724300480).
  • Extinguish the fire, if the intensity is low using a fire extinguisher or any other effective means.
  • Exit / evacuate the premise and as much as possible close doors and windows, if it is safe to do so.
  • Evacuation should be calm and orderly.
  • All persons to proceed to a FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT away from the building.
  • Ascertain that all persons are safe. 

Hazardous Materials Safety.

All laboratories, workshops and kitchens have the proper guidelines on hazardous materials.

Anti-Terrorism and Counter-terrorism Measures

Guidelines on monitoring and reporting on issues on radicalization and terrorism related matters within or affecting the University please contact.


DSS-Tel: 0712536454

Security Gate-Tel: 0735263226